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The meeting to extend the ERTE ends without agreement but with "important progress"


Government and social partners ended whitout deal the meeting this Monday to prolong the Temporary Employment Regulation (ERTE) files beyond June, although there has been a "Important step" in the negotiation, which will continue on Wednesday.

The meeting, whose start was set at 4:00 p.m., ended around 9:00 p.m. without the Executive and the social partners managing to close an agreement. However, UGT sources reported that an "important step" has been taken and that the Government will present a document to submit it to each of the parties for consideration.

The negotiation focuses on extending the temporary employment regulation (ERTE) files until September 30th and the agreement must be reached before June 30. Thus, the Government will have to approve the agreement in an extraordinary Council of Ministers that must be held before that date.

Entrepreneurs have insisted on the need for the new deadline is December, but at the moment the Coalition Executive is only ready for an extension until September.

"The Government has put on the table a third proposal, with negotiating flexibility and adapting the ERTE system to new circumstances," sources from the Ministry of Labor have stressed. Specifically, the Executive verbally raised Maintain partial force majeure ERTEs, eliminate total force majeure ERTEs, and promote the transit of force majeure ERTEs to objective ERTEs. (economic, technical, organizational or production) through the exoneration of contributions to companies "with the same percentages" that raised in the ERTE of partial force majeure, explained the secretary of Union Action, Mari Cruz Vicente, and the secretary of Union Policy, Gonzalo Pino.

Exemptions from Social Security contributions currently apply to ERTEs of force majeure, but not to those of objective causes. Unions and employers had asked for exemptions for objective cause files, as those of force majeure will decline after the end of the state of alarm and the others will be more common.


However, there is an element of friction that is hindering the achievement of the agreement and that has to do with the current one exemption scheme, since unions and employers want companies not to be exempted from quotas for recovering workers from ERTE, but rather that those resources be destined precisely to help companies that are in ERTE for objective reasons. Business sources insist that there is no point in rewarding those who leave the ERTE and penalizing those who stayTherefore, they believe that the Government should change its mind in order to achieve an agreement.

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