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Spanish securities poker with which to spend the summer


We have selected four stocks that offer very good technical prospects for the coming weeks.

Technical analysis

Just a few days ago we could see how the price of Solaria he managed to hold himself in the vicinity of the support of the 9 euros. The company has been drawing increasing lows, which seems that it could end up bringing its price closer to the resistance of 10.37 euros. These prices correspond to the highs of the last twelve years, so if it manages to exceed them, it is very likely that we could end up seeing an extension of the profits to the level of 12 euros. The good levels of accumulation that we can see in its price series do nothing but solidify its current uptrend. We will not see a sign of weakness as long as it continues to trade above 8.16 euros, the lows of last May.

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For about two months now, Viscofan It has been moving in a side band of consolidation as a reaction to the bullish momentum of the middle of March that led it to revalue close to 50%. Good levels of accumulation tip the balance towards an upcoming bullish definition of its price series. Overcoming the resistance of 60 euros would be the first step to end up seeing an attack on the key resistance of 62 dollars, annual highs. A close above this level of supply could bring gains up to the level of 70 euros.

Enagas It is consolidating levels after managing to rise above the average of 200 sessions. The technical prospects for the Ibex 35 company are very good and they will be even more so as soon as a closing above 22.56 euros is confirmed, highs drawn this June. This would leave the company with a clear path to extend short-term earnings to the level of 26.26 euros, annual highs drawn in February. We will not see a sign of weakness as long as it continues to trade above the support of 20 euros.

Fantastic technical behavior that we can see in the price series of Iberdrola. The company has managed to climb back above the 200-session average and is undoubtedly one of the Ibex 35 stocks that offers the best technical perspectives. The company has shaped a throw back (bullish continuation figure) at 9.50 euros and it is very likely that we could end up seeing an extension of the increases to the historical maximums drawn at the beginning of the year at 11.34 euros, prices about 15% above current listing levels. If it manages to exceed these prices, it would go into a free climb, which is undoubtedly the best possible technical situation that a value can offer.

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