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Chainlink (LNK) has been selected among the technological pioneers of the World Economic Forum


An indication of massive growth for the blockchain industry through Chainlink (LINK), a decentralized network from Oracle, emerged when the World Economic Forum named blockchain technology among the Technology Pioneers, a group that contains early stage companies across the board. the world involved in the development, design, and deployment of technological innovations, which have a tendency to cause thunderous impacts in the world at large.

The Pioneers of Technology community at the World Economic Forum is a subset of the Global Innovation community that contains different startups. The cohort selection marks the 20th anniversary of the Pioneer community.

Chainlink's inclusion in the grand forum has prompted the forum to invite Chainlink co-founder Sergey Nazarov to participate in any of the World Economic Forum discussions, an annual event and activity used to commemorate the community's anniversary.

Over the next two years, Chainlink also has the opportunity to contribute to the ideas of the Forum and to work with policy makers around the world.

Nazarov said the firm is pleased to be recognized as it uses blockchain technology for the socioeconomic progress of the world.

Among the companies in the "Technology Pioneers" are Google, Airbnb, Mozilla, Spotify, Twitter, and a few other big-name companies, and more than 25% of the companies on the list are run by women.

Large companies adopt Chainlink (LINK)

Chainlink (LINK) has been a great innovative solution adopted by everyone around the world. Exactly this period in 2019, Google integrated its BigQuery service with Chainlink, a blog ad posted by the firm stated.

Collaboration makes it easy for anyone building on Ethereum to use Google software that can sync data via Chainlink. The announcement came a few months after Bitcoin, Ethereum, and a few other cryptocurrencies were made available on Google's BigQuery.

Chainlink started raising $ 32 million during their Initial Coin Offering (ICO) in September 2017. Now, several platforms are integrated with Chainlink, including AVA Labs, The Graph, ARPA, Dipole, KyberSwap, Bamboo Relay, and many others.

ChainFaces Launches FaceGolf on Chainlink

On June 12, ChainFaces He launched The first spin-off minigame using FaceGolf with the Chainlink Verifiable Randomness (VRF) feature. ChainFace holders can use their collectible digital NFTs to join and compete in golf tournaments. The game was designed in collaboration with Skyler Fly, the creator of ChainFaces, Nate Hart.

Tyler Winklevoss, billionaire and co-founder of Gemini, recently said that Chainlink (LINK) has outstanding applications. While appreciating the performance of blockchain technology, Tyler He showed love to LINK supporters saying they are dedicated as members of Ethereum and Bitcoin in the early days of cryptocurrencies.

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