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Zilliqa wallet can now be managed with Google


The famous blockchain client Zilliqa (ZIL), Zillet, he has announced which has integrated access to the wallet through Google credentials.

This platform offers various options to create a wallet and it has 7 access modes:

  • When entering the private key;
  • Through the Keystore (JSON) file;
  • Through the 12-word mnemonic phrase;
  • Through the ZilPay wallet extension;
  • Through the Moonlet wallet extension;
  • Through the hardware wallet Ledger;
  • And the latest addition with Google credentials.

This integration has been possible thanks to the service provided by Torus that allows managing authentication in a decentralized way; It can be defined as a key management solution because it is a true “Distributed Key Generation” protocol that allows the various applications and dApps to access this system through OAuth and, therefore, use all the credentials of a bill.

This service allows different social platforms to be used as a login, such as Google, Facebook, Reddit, Twitch, Discord, Apple, GitHub, LinkedIn, Weibo and others, and is used by different tools such as Etherscan, Matic, Binance, ENS (Ethereum Name Service), Zilliqa, Ontology and others, therefore, an already well established and fully functional system.

How to log in to the wallet with Google

After choosing to log in with Google, a window will appear where you can link the account.

The user is then reminded that the private keys will not be stored or transmitted over the network.

After connecting the Google account, the user will be linked with an address through which to manage the wallet, which makes it convenient and allows you to use any browser.

This represents an important step for the expansion of Zilliqa near to launch of stakeout to start next week and with which users can obtain a return between 10% and 5% depending on the group. Binance should also open its group at the end of the month, but for now it will start with KuCoin.

The ZIL price is currently working well, although during the collapse of cryptocurrencies in March it fell to $ 0.002, while it is now at $ 0.02, a 900% increase.

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