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The Brave browser and its Basic Attention Token (BAT) cryptocurrency


Brave is an innovator open source browser founded in 2015 by the CEO Brendan Eich with its own native cryptocurrency called BAT.

Eich also created JavaScript and co-founded the famous Mozilla before becoming CEO of Brave Browser.

Brave's main objective is reward users with part of the revenue from sponsored content. Normally, users do not grant any authorization for the continuous display of advertisements. Brave changes this system and sends a portion of the revenue, using the Basic Attention Token (BAT), to the user who decides to view the ads.

In addition, the browser is configured to automatically block spam and unnecessary ads that can slow down browsing and invade users' privacy.

As a result, it can be three times faster than a normal browser, sharing part of this added value with all users who use it every day and are rewarded for it.

Users can control all aspects of the ads, such as the maximum number they are willing to show every hour or not show sponsored content by hiding it entirely.

Every time ads are shown, users receive the 70% of the earnings the browser receives from advertisers; in practice they are rewarded in BAT for the attention paid to advertising content. This allows users to always maintain control over the content they want to display.

Furthermore, there is the possibility of support favorite websites or content creators through the establishment of periodic and automatic donations, and thus decide both the term and the amount.

Inside, there is a section entirely dedicated to the cryptocurrency wallet where it is possible to transact and manage the token wallet securely.

In case the user wants to be a more active player within the Brave ecosystem, he can choose have a dedicated space for sponsoring your own contentFocusing on privacy, security, a verified audience, and the ability to be rewarded by users for content shared with the community.

Among the many features, an internal store has been added to the main website where it is possible to buy accessories and clothing, all from the Brave brand.

A while ago, due to a problem in the code discovered by some users when browsing the Internet, associated with an incorrect operational dynamics between web search and referral link, a was born Brave fork call Braver Browser, which apparently intends to downplay many of the important features loved by the community and backed by the well-known and unmatched Brave.

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