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New purchase opportunity at Telefónica, Santander and Repsol?


The Spanish selective has turned strongly after attacking the resistance of 8,000 points, prices where it had an important bearish gap.

For the next sessions it is likely that the IbexLike a normal market movement, it ends up finding support in the vicinity of 7,000-7,200 points. For these prices we could end up seeing the beginning of a new bullish momentum that will lead the selective to attack 8,000 points and if it manages to exceed even 8,375 points, maximums of the bearish gap and prices where the average of 200 sessions is located. .

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First sign of significant strength in months in Santander that managed to pierce the resistance of 2.52 euros. However, in order to overcome this price level, the bank experienced profits of close to 50% and the 50% correction of the rebound seen in the last few days is logical. We will be very pending for these prices at the appearance of a signal of strength that makes us think of a return of the purchase. The first resistance level is at the highs drawn this June at 2.60 euros. If it manages to exceed this price level, it is very likely that we could end up seeing an extension of the bounce of the term term to the level of 3 euros, prices where the average of 200 sessions is.

Repsol It is a value that we have in our sights after seeing how it managed to overcome the resistance of 9 euros. The company has attacked the level of 10 euros after revaluing 70% since the annual lows in March. For these prices we have seen a profit taking that has brought its price to the vicinity of 8.50 euros, levels where it has a support band. We will be very aware of the evolution of purchases at these levels and it is very likely that we could end up seeing the appearance of a sign of strength. The increasing lows that we can see in its daily price series is one of the factors that make us be positive for the coming weeks. We believe that there are high probabilities for the oil company to end up reaching the level of 12 euros, prices where the average of 200 sessions is found.

Telefónica It has managed to overcome both the resistance of 4.50 and that of 4.85 euros in the early stages of June. This has improved the company's technical outlook despite declines in recent sessions. After increases of more than 30% in just three weeks, it is time for a healthy correction and what seems to be a support in the vicinity of 4.50 euros, prices that could now function as support. It is very likely that for these prices we will end up seeing the return of purchases, so it seems feasible that in the coming weeks we can end up seeing a return to the level of 5 or even an attack at the level of 5.50 euros, prices where the average of 200 sessions is found.


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