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Don't come to Spain, Klaus!


This recommendation should make the Government of Pedro Sánchez, because the reason Germany gives is that, "unlike the case of our European neighbors, for the rest of the world (including Spain, which it takes from serious European countries) we do not yet have reliable data, criteria and coordination processes shared that allow unlimited tourism again without incalculable risks. "Germany has made this decision, since it cannot, nor does it want to, take the risk that German citizens will be stranded again this summer in our country or bring it to the country, without knowing it , the virus on his return.

That is to say, Merkel doesn't trust Sánchez's hair. Which is not surprising because, for German eyes, the continuous lunges in the way of counting the dead and infected are unpresentable, the inconsistencies of the historical series, the discrepancy between the 44,000 dead from the INE and the Registry and the 27,000 from the Ministry and even the 'resurrections' (suddenly there are fewer deaths than the day before).

And that, beyond the attacks of the opposition, has consequences: foreign tourists are scared traveling to a country that they already thought was not very serious, but where it was very sunny. If that lack of seriousness can cost you your life, better look for the sun in other countries that also have it. And that, in addition, they have already started to let them travel, while Spain has insisted alone and against Brussels keeping borders closed until July 1. There was a ray of hope when the Minister Maroto brought it forward to June 22, but it was short-lived. Her own ministry made it a denial, one more of this so coherent and cohesive government.

Well, a country that lives largely on tourism with borders closed while its competitors open them, with a disaster of numbers and without coordination with the countries of origin (has the government not had time to negotiate it in these three months?), and with the recommendation not to travel by Germany (the only European country that he advises against going) faces a pretty black season. Of course, we put out the "Spain awaits you" logo on all TVs (as it is known, the Germans only see Spanish televisions and they all understand Spanish perfectly) and a fixed matter.

Of course, this matter has gone largely unnoticed before the new government smoke screens: the "new normal" (an empty law because the powers are from the autonomous communities), the child protection law or, tachán, tachán, the return of the soccer league. Since there is no bread, let's give the circus people.


Unfortunately, tourism is not the only thing in which the Executive throws stones against its own roof. Our aid to revive the economy pales before those that our neighbors have launched, including the recapitalization of companies or tax breaks (something that does not even cross their minds here). In Spain we continue to take advantage of the multiple subsidies for the unemployed – the last one, the minimum vital income – instead of trying to keep or recover their jobs. And within these subsidies, the star of this crisis is the ERTE.

But wait a minute! It turns out that the ERTE do not work either, but there is a total lack of control: people who have been without payment for three months -and there are desperate situations-, people who charge less or more, others who charge from the company that is not … It must be understood that SEPE officials have worked in two months more than two years and that mistakes are inevitable. But it is also true that this lack of habit of work that afflicts most of the public function has a lot to do with it. And on top, it they pose to strike because those of the Social Security are paid a bonus for managing the minimum income and they are not. They have backed down before the terrible image that they were going to give. We will see what happens when the offices reopen on Monday.

The last is that SEPE wants the banks chase their customers for money back when they have charged more than their share. And there they have planted themselves: they have not broken the agreement to advance benefits while waiting for Yolanda Diaz I paid them, but they have made it clear to her that she has to chase people. But we already know: if you can get someone else to do your job, why do you do it yourself. And if it strains, strain.

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