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Moderna goes public after announcing that it will start the last phase of its vaccine


The company Moderna rises a little more than 1% on the stock market after announcing that it is going to start in July the last phase of its vaccine against Covid-19, the disease that causes the new coronavirus, and in which they will analyze, in collaboration with the United States National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, a 30,000 people.

The main objective of the vaccine, as reported by 'Bloomberg', is prevent people from developing Covid-19 symptoms as well as the disease from getting worse and that patients have to be admitted to the hospital. Last month, Moderna began the second phase of its study with the 1273 mRNA vaccine in 600 healthy adults. Now, the company has reported that it has already enrolled 350 patients, including 300 healthy adults ages 54 and older, and the first 50 of 300 older people.

This announcement is further proof that New Coronavirus Vaccine Trials Are Moving At "Good Pace". In fact, Johnson & Johnson announced Wednesday that, through the Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies (Janssen), it has accelerated the start of phase 1 / 2a of its recombinant vaccine against the new coronavirus, called Ad26.COV2-S, and will begin in July to try it on people, although he planned to start doing it in September.

Some vaccines are moving into clinical trials even faster than Moderna's. One jointly developed by Oxford University and AstraZeneca Plc will begin the final stage of clinical trials this month, and the UK company said Thursday that it had recruited Emergent BioSolutions to help it with development and manufacturing.

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