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Google searches for Cardano's Shelley protocol have seen a huge increase


The innovative Cardano project has been one of the most commented Blockchain this year, as data from Google Trends has recently revealed that interest in Cardano It has reached its highest point this month. This is a unique milestone for Cardano as interest rates have never been so high.

What is driving this adoption?

Recent data compiled from 2018 to 2020 shows that it took Cardano more than two years to get to this point. On June 10, 2018, the data revealed that the interest rate was in the middle position and well above the spot level, almost to the highest level before the interest rate fell sharply.

Before the interest rate fell on September 1, 2019, it can be seen that between January and that time, Cardano had managed to raise security against the issue of the false stake, held its IOHK summit in April, associated with the Georgian government and its rounded universities and formal specifications for Shelley.

Cardano interest rate
Google Trends data

This implies that the strengthening of the Cardano network during the 9-month period brought with it more interested users. With the successful launch of a public testnet for Shelley, it is no surprise that Cardano's interest rate is overflowing in many areas. According to an IntoTheBlock report, Cardano (ADA) headlines have reached a record high of 385,080, while analytical firm LunarCrush confirmed that more than 6,000 Cardano-related posts were made on social media a day ago.

Shelley's Launch

In preparation for the launch of Shelley, which will start after Cardano's hard fork slated for July 29, the Hong Kong (IOHK) firm responsible for Cardano has revealed recently that the public Testnet for Shelley was fully launched.

Incentive testnet group (ITN) operators will also join the operation. However, IOHK chief marketing officer Tim Harrison explained that the setting will differ from ITN.

Cardano Price (ADA)

Everything seems very optimistic for Cardano at the moment, which is also reflected in Cardano (ADA) price performance in recent weeks.

In May, market capitalization moved from $ 1.68 billion to $ 1.20 billion and reached $ 2 billion on May 30. Currently, the market capitalization has increased to $ 2.17 billion. The price is always going up in the same way and has since moved from the peak of $ 0.050 in May, to a price of $ 0.076 at the time of this writing.

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