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Technical analysis office: Telefónica, Repsol, Enagás, Grenergy, FCC, CAF, Beyond Meat and bitcoin


Next, we give answers to the values ​​for which we have been asked the most throughout the morning. José María Rodríguez, technical analyst at Bolsamanía, analyzes CAF, Grenergy, FCC, Beyond Meat, Enagás, Repsol, Telefónica and bitcoin.

Technical analysis

Good morning, José María. I would like you to analyze CAF and Grenergy companies. They are not media companies and therefore few evaluations appear about them. Thanks for your analysis, they are of great help to those of us who are not dedicated to this. Regards. I.BJ.

Dear investor, good afternoon. There are many titles that in this last great rebound have reached significant levels of resistance, such as the case at hand, that of CAF. In fact, it can be said that after a rebound of 45% this has been turned violently by what may be a manual 'pull back' to the old support area (now resistance) of 36-36.50 euros. Without forgetting the resistance it presents in the weekly bearish gap of 37.75 euros.

CAF weekly chart

As to Grenergy, we have you in the middle of the resistance zone, at the base of the old bullish channel. Which means that we may be facing a simple ‘pull back’ at the base of it (formerly the support zone and now the resistance zone). In terms of the medium and long term, we are talking about a bullish title, but to the extent that we continue to have decreasing highs and lows, it can only be said that the corrective phase is ongoing. In addition, a little higher it presents an important resistance in the bearish guideline that joins the declining maximums since the end of 2019. Thank you, greetings.

Grenergy weekly chart

Good morning, Mr. José María. My query is about FCC bought at 7.20 euros and Beyond Meat at $ 75. What prospects do they have? Can they be maintained? With what ‘stops’? Thank you very much for your time.

Dear reader, good afternoon. The graph of FCC It speaks for itself, since it fits within what is a 'pull back' to the resistance / formerly support zone that it presents in the bearish channel through which the price has been moving since the end of 2018. Then now the normal thing is to take a breather, a break that serves to drain / adjust the significant accumulated increases from the annual lows. What is clear is that any possibility of restructuring again on the upside happens because the support it presents at 6.80 euros is respected.

FCC weekly chart

Beyon Meat It is a title that we analyzed just when it clearly pulverized the high part (resistance) of the bearish channel through which the price has been moving since its exit to the parquet. It broke the channel higher, with a bullish gap, and since then it has had an impeccable bullish trend. In fact, it can be said that it no longer presents significant resistances until the historical maximums at $ 239.71. And as the most important support we have the bullish gap in the $ 100. Thank you very much, greetings.

Beyond Meat Daily Chart

Hello, José María. Many, many young investors like me do not miss a single day each of their analyzes from home. With Enagás bought at 19 euros, what do you think the future will hold for us? Thank you. A.PE.

Dear investor, good afternoon. You don't know how excited I am to read what you are reading. he said. Really appreciated. Having said that, Enagás It is a title that I like in terms of medium and long term. On the one hand, there is the bullish guideline that joins the growing lows since 2008 and that goes through the March lows, in addition to the horizontal support that has been acting as a support since 2014, at 17.60-18 euros. Which leaves the door open for it, with its counter-trend corrections, to head towards the annual and historical maximums, at 26.26 euros. Again, thank you very much for your words, greetings.

Enagás weekly chart

Good morning Mr. José María and congratulations on your work in this space. I wanted to consult you on how you see Telefónica and Repsol to enter at this time. Thanks in advance. Regards. DC

Dear reader, good afternoon. Well to Telefónica I see it as the entire market, in the rebound phase or the reaction phase. I invite you to read here the analysis we carried out on the operator this Tuesday. The falls of this Tuesday do not mean much less that it can not continue bouncing. We must know that it presents an important resistance in the bearish gap of 5.09 euros, but above all we have the resistance of 5.30-5.35 euros: the lows of 2009. So, even, a rebound towards there it would fit within what is a 'pull back' to the long-term great double ceiling that regardless of whether it is fulfilled or not, is still there. Intact.

As to Repsol We have attacking that great resistance zone that it presents in the weekly bearish gap of 9.60 euros. It is true that this has been completed in its entirety, but it has not been closed or what is the same canceled. To close it, the price needs to close on a Friday above 9.60 euros. Only then will we consider it voided. In any case, what is clear is that we have the oil company titles struggling with significant resistance, since the 10.50 euro zone also corresponds to a 50% adjustment / decline of the previous fall. Thanks to you, greetings.

Hello, José María. When can you say that bitcoin has changed its trend? I have 1 BTC at $ 9,320 and I do not know very well what levels to watch or where to place the ‘stop’. Thank you very much for all your advice. Kind regards from Granada. R.OH.

Dear investor, good afternoon. The truth is that with the bitcoin we can expect anything in the short term. It is an underlying always difficult to analyze, as it is almost never what it seems. The only thing that is more or less clear to me, and of course I can be wrong, is that the key resistance is at $ 10,500 of the cryptocurrency. Level that corresponds to the 10,700 of the future of the underlying. And as long as it doesn't jump over it, we won't have anything at all. Of course, above we will begin to think about the 14,000 and even the $ 20,000. Thank you very much, gentleman. A greeting.

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