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Ethereum (ETH) blockchain just recorded its most expensive transaction ever


In the last hours, has carried out a transaction record, the most expensive in the history of the Ethereum blockchain. In terms of quantity, it can be compared to the famous BTC spent on the purchase of 2 pizzas.

ETH transaction

In fact, by checking the details in Etherscan, it is possible to see that the transaction was only 0.55 Ethereum (ETH) and therefore $ 133, the fee paid was 10,633 ETH, approximately $ 2.5 million.

From what can be seen, a gas limit of 21 thousand ETH has been established, suggesting that one of the following errors has been made:

  • the field of the transaction was reversed with the cost of gas;
  • it was done on purpose to exploit this system to money laundering.

By verifying the address, it is possible to see thousands of transactions made, so, depending on the number of transactions, it is possible to deduce than there is a bot which is doing a lot of ETH transactions: in fact, we are talking about an address that has more than 46 thousand ETH, therefore, more than 11 million dollars.

Furthermore, by examining this address, we can learn that it was recently created and that it has constantly received funds that it continues to divide into a series of smaller addresses.

This pattern is found when criminals decide to divide a figure that would be too big to handle, creating thousands of addresses and then liquidating minimal amounts so that they are not noticeable and therefore not detected.

In fact, many transactions go to different exchanges, such as Bithumb and also in the contract of the stable currency Tether (USDT).

We certainly are not in the presence of a random transaction, it is very likely that it was done intentionally.

One hypothesis is that the transaction was sent to a proprietary node but without broadcasting it and placing it in each block to ensure that it is recovered.

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