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Congress approves the Minimum Life Income without any vote against


The Congress of Deputies has approved this Wednesday the minimum vital income without any vote against. Only Vox has abstained. Those of Abascal see with good eyes that it is a temporary help but they reject that it is a "perpetual subsidy".

Pedro Sánchez wanted to thank the parliamentary groups for their help to carry out the measure. "Thanks to the groups that have supported in Congress the validation of the Minimum Vital Income," said the president on his official Twitter profile.

"Politics must be a tool to improve people's lives," said Sánchez. "And that is what we have done today: promote social justice and advance in the eradication of poverty," concluded the president.

According to government calculations, about 255,000 citizens will receive on June 26 this aid, that is, 75,000 households, of which half will be children.

The Government estimates that this income will reach some 850,000 households in which approximately 2.3 million people live, of which 30% are minors. For this reason, Sánchez has justified the approval of this measure in that will serve for the "fight against child poverty".

This aid will be 462 euros per month for an adult who lives alone. This figure will vary according to a series of variables, such as the number of people (both adults and minors) residing in the home and also according to each Autonomous Community.

The top of this rent will be 1,015 euros and it can be complemented by the insertion income that the communities have.

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