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"Bitcoin can help solve all problems with the Fed instead of underfinancing the police"


Leading Bitcoin advocate, trader, financial analyst, and TV presenter Max Keizer has spread the word on his Twitter page on Bitcoin as a means of protest, one that can allow for the disbursement by the Federal Reserve and its violence-backed fiat money.

He has also stated that Bitcoin is already more hard money than gold and explained his opinion.

Commenting on the current situation with civil unrest in New York City and other major cities in the United States, Max Keizer mentioned the numerous recent calls on Twitter to remove the police.

The prominent merchant says doing so is pointless since the ‘bankers’ will be able to hire mercenaries to protect themselves and their wealth anyway.

Instead, Keizer suggests another way out: disburse the Federal Reserve purchase by buying Bitcoin and get rid of the fiduciary USD 'backed by violence.'

"Bitcoin is more money than gold"

Max Keizer also assumed that Bitcoin is currently a type of hard money rather than gold. And BTC remains increasingly scarce than XAU every ten minutes, he added, considering the time it takes to generate a new block on the BTC network.

Robert Breedlove, the CEO of Parallax Digital, commented on this, saying that Bitcoin is approaching absolute scarcity.

Of the 21 million coins programmed by its creator Satoshi Nakamoto, more than 18 million have already been mined.

Scarcity is one of the key features that makes a currency or an asset valuable to the economy, which the Federal Reserve is now undermining by printing additional trillions of dollars to bail out corporations and ordinary American citizens, including a round of checks from $ 1,200 stimulus.

"The world has a reason to own Bitcoin now"

Simon Dixon, co-founder of investment platform BanktoTheFuture, has shared some good and bad news about the financial crisis and the current chaos in America's cities.

He wrote that this is not the first time that the world has been in such a situation and has always recovered afterwards. He also claimed that the world now has a reason to own Bitcoin.

Dixon explains himself by referring to one of his previous tweets, in which he mentions the following: excessive debt leads to poverty, inequality of wealth leads to civil unrest, and the threat of a competitive superpower like China leads to racial attacks.

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