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Wall Street takes a breather and anticipates a correction after its recent rally


Wall street he takes a breather. Major US indices anticipate a correction after their rally in recent sessions that lifted Nasdaq to record new all-time highs on Monday. The reopening of the world's largest economy remains in the sights of investors.

Hoteliers, airlines, cruise companies… the most exposed values ​​are also the ones that fell the most this Tuesday after advancing positions in previous sessions.

"Recent data such as employment reports and the not-so-bad forecasts from the companies are driving the view that the worst is over in the markets," experts from RBC Capital Markets in your last report. "Valuations have risen to all-time highs in industrial sub-sectors, a sign of the strong recovery that is taking place," they add.

In the commodity market, oil is also correcting after its rally in recent sessions. Qatar regretted on Tuesday the price war that started between Russia and Saudi Arabia last March. That, added to the subsequent pandemic, it was a severe blow to the shale.

On the other side of the Atlantic, the Ibex falls 2% and moves away from the 8,000 points penalized by its banks. In Asia, the stock markets have closed in green, still infected by those maximums registered on Wall Street.


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