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Renfe has returned more than 38 million for the canceled tickets during the state of alarm


Renfe has returned a total of 38.59 million euros to its customers for tickets canceled during the state of alarm for traveling on AVE, Long Distance, Avant or Media Distancia trains.

As Renfe reported through a statement, after the adaptation of the successive transport plans as a result of the Covid-19 crisis, Renfe has automatically returned the full amount of 943,764 tickets, regardless of the type of fare that the traveler had paid.

Among the canceled tickets are also those of Avlo, the new low-cost high-speed service, whose implementation It was originally scheduled for April 6 and had to be postponed.

Renfe's president, Isaías Táboas, stressed that this is “an unprecedented operation” and that the company is being valued by users, given that 12,000 new registrations have been generated in the loyalty program during the state of alarm.

On the other hand, Renfe has increased the offer of its commercial services (High Speed ​​and Long Distance) to 100% of its seats, once the Ministry of Health has allowed trains to run with full occupancy today, although at the moment the number of trains in circulation it remains unchanged as long as the mobility restrictions on long-distance trains are not lifted.

During the train journey, the use of face masks is compulsory for all travelers. Likewise, for reasons of health security, the services on board the restaurant, delivery of headphones and the press and sale of articles will continue without being provided.

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