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Dream summer for small construction companies? Works are foreseen in 70% of homes


Small construction companies were the last companies in the sector to return to activity, because the Government kept the reforms within the dwellings at a standstill. Now, once they have returned to work, they predict a very good summer. with works in up to 70% of Spanish households, according to the figures of the Andimac employers.

The summer months are traditionally the most prolific for the reform sector, but this year it is expected to be even better after more than two months of confinement. "After spending so much time locked up at home, many Spaniards who can afford it will decide to reform their homes to improve their quality of life within the home," says the Andimac general secretary, Sebastián Molinero.

The Spaniards have spent a lot of time in their homes, being able to notice deficiencies and possibilities for improvement. And now, if the pocket allows it, they are going to launch reforms as soon as possible, preparing for a possible outbreak of the Covid-19 that some experts date for next fall.

Therefore, the employers' data shows how it has almost multiplied by four the number of people who have been interested in knowing the state of maintenance of their houses. "Our house has become the space for caring for families in the most difficult times, and it is worth investing to live better in them, because it is possible," says Molinero.

The most frequent works are usually carried out in kitchens and bathrooms, but this year a significant number of reforms are expected to condition the homes for the holidays. Also for teleworking, with works dedicated to reducing excess noise, humidity or temperature losses.


With these forecasts in hand, the Secretary General asks public administrations to stimulate the sector of housing reform and rehabilitation because "it will have a driving effect on other industries that are determining for the economic recovery." The Minister of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, José Luis Ábalos, already considered construction as the "lever of recovery", although rather it referred to large infrastructures.

Andimac demands public financing to face the 1.7 billion euros of losses accumulated during the stoppage of the sector in the harshest months of the pandemic. For this reason, it will request the Commission for the Social and Economic Reconstruction of Spain to promote financing. 80% of the works destined to boost energy efficiency with guarantees from the Official Credit Institute (ICO).

Currently, 40% of the emissions registered in cities come from consumption in homes and buildings, mainly due to the fact that the building stock ages at an annual rate of 1.8%, while the rehabilitation of buildings affects only the 0.15% of it.

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