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The relay in the CNMC opens the door to a tougher competition with the 'tech' giants


New stage and new priorities. The National Commission for Markets and Competition (CNMC) is about to open a new period and change the management model, whenever the choice of Cani Fernández as new president of the regulatory body. His appointment, decided by Moncloa, will also mean a change in preferences, after years under the leadership of José María Marín Burned.

This closes the first years of the regulatory body for competition markets since its integration, in which Marín Quemada has been inclined to wink at the actors in the digital economy. "We oppose the persistence of some old business models, which try to make the practices of the digital economy disappear," he said, for example, during one of his interventions.

One of the forecasts for the coming years is to turn the regulator's attitude towards large technology operators, such as Google or Facebook, which in other European markets have experienced severe penalties for going against competition, not so in Spain.

In France, Google, for example, received a fine of 150 million in late 2019 for bypassing the regulation and carry out abusive practices on its Ads platform. In Italy, his competition supervisor fined Facebook 10 million for irregularly sharing user data.


On the other hand, Marín Quemada did support the Google Google rate ’. “The newspapers are not free, the messages are not free, nor are the calls free, because if we assume that everything is free, we pay it in another place that we do not know what it is and this is very confusing at the level of competition and for sectoral regulation "He assured six years ago.

Precisely, Last week, the ‘Google rate’ devised by the coalition government of PSOE and United We Can began its parliamentary procedure.. This will tax 3% of the online advertising services, intermediation and sale of data on the network of those companies that bill more than 750 million euros and with revenues in Spain of more than 3 million.

Apart from the two technological giants, one of the CNMC's most controversial issues in recent years was the so-called (and parked) 'Uber report', in which he analyzed the so-called collaborative economy and where he advocated ending the taxi monopoly.

And the candidate to chair the CNMC is no stranger to Uber. At the office Cuatrecasas, where he spent almost three decades, defended the interests of the American giant before EU justice, which would lead him to inhibit himself when dealing with issues related to this ‘tech’ firm.

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