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Unemployment in the US falls to 13.7% in May after creating 2.5 million jobs


The United States strikes the table. The world's largest economy created 2.5 million jobs in May compared to the destruction of 7.5 million jobs anticipated by experts. The country's unemployment rate falls to 13.7%, from the 19% projected by analysts.

President Donald Trump has not wasted the occasion to congratulate himself on his management through his personal Twitter profile.

If analysts' fears were confirmed, the US would have experienced the worst unemployment data since the Great Depression in its meats. Ultimately, that was not the case, and surprise seizes Wall Street, which reacts with an even stronger rebound after Thursday's losses.

"Beyond a possible regrowth, the US economy seems to have left the worst behind, as this surprising data shows, although we still do not know what the new normal will be liked ", point out the experts of Citizens Bank.

This figure overshadows the poor job data that was being released recently. The last one, the weekly unemployment claims published this Thursday. This unemployment data shows that "the country's economy is even more resilient than expected," admit Principal Principal Investors.


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