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Wall Street turns lower after Nasdaq 100 marks a new all-time high


Wall street has been turned down after the Nasdaq 100 has marked a new record high in the 9,741.97 points. Although the decision of the ECB It seemed to have encouraged the major US indices in the pre-opening, the New York Stock Exchange has not been able to sustain the bullish rally of the past few days. Lagarde It has surprised raising its emergency purchases more than expected, but after the last increases that had already discounted more stimuli, investors have decided to 'sell with the news'.

With respect to Nasdaq 100, which groups together the 100 most relevant Nasdaq values, is the index considered a leading indicator of the rest of the New York indices, so it would not be surprising if it started a correction after recovering everything lost in the March crash.

However, the stimuli applied by the Federal Reserve (Fed)as well as the injections applied by the CongressThey counteract any selling pressure. Meanwhile, investors continue to anticipate that the economic reopening will cause a recovery in 'V', which also explains the V-turn of the bags.

Although some analysts still do not explain the current rally of the stock markets and point out that the disconnect between the rises and the fundamental weak of the main economies of the world Is very dangerous". "It's the biggest disconnect I can remember (between the two) in the last 25 years that I've been active," said Mike Larson, chief analyst at Weiss Ratings.

In this sense, this Thursday the weekly unemployment claims in the US. The coronavirus crisis has destroyed an additional 1.87 million jobs, compared to the 1.8 million jobs anticipated by analyst consensus.

Experts believe that the worst of the pandemic has already passed for the labor market, but the numbers that continue to be handled are "too high". For the official employment data for May, published this Friday, the destruction of 8 million jobs, after the 20 million lost in April.

In other markets, the West Texas oil up 0.2% to $ 37.37. Besides, the ounce of gold up 1.2% to $ 1,725, while the euro It appreciated 1% and was changed to $ 1.1348. Finally, the profitability of 10-year American bond it rises to 0.82%.

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