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Threat of strike by SEPE workers in the middle of the de-escalation of the ERTE


Nearly 3 million people in Spain have their sights set on SEPE. If there is something that has triggered the Covid-19 crisis, it is a unprecedented surge of ERTE. But not only the workers who have suffered it in the first person are suffering the consequences. Employees of the public body have been left with an infinitely higher workload than normal and without additional compensation. Now, threaten to go on strike for the grievance with the benefits promised in Social Security to manage the minimum income.

For more than three months they have been subjected to a "very intense work, with marathon days seven days a week", they denounce from the CSIF union. A situation that is not relaxing with the passing of the weeks. This has led SEPE workers to say enough is enough and to propose a series of measures that will lead to a strike if their demands are not met.

This war is showing the differences that exist between SEPE workers, dependent on Yolanda Diaz (United We Can) and the Ministry of Labor, and those of Social Security, dependent on José Luis Escrivá (Independent).

The SEPE has had to digest "the work of a year in two months"

While the first ones denounce the saturation they are experiencing to be able to process all the ERTE having to "digest a year's work into two months", the latter have been assured of better conditions to be able to process the requests on the minimum income that they will receive in the coming weeks.

A situation that, according to the CSIF complaint, is not new. "Than any managing entity of Social Security has greater consideration than SEPE it has always been an objective and unquestionable fact, "they denounce in a statement.


A strike in the State Public Employment Service implies the stoppage of ERTE collection, a benefit that has not yet reached many of those affected. Precisely, the rush and the excessive workload have caused a multitude of delays and errors: many ERTEs have been approved without review and the benefits that are being paid are incorrect. All this has generated a bad image of the officials of the organism before the public opinion, something of which they also complain.

Despite this, Minister Díaz stated in mid-March that the aid was going to arrive on time: "without a doubt." In a letter from one of the SEPE workers sent to the Minister of Labor to which ForexNews.online has had access, she reproaches these statements: "How is it possible that I could make such an assertion?". In this letter he asks for more honesty for these workers.

"It is not honest to assure them of a payment that, as of today, more than two and a half months later, some have not received, and if they are going to receive it, It will be for July"says the worker.

And the problem not only lies in delays in collection, there are many affected people who have encountered errors when receiving the amount. A few failures that must be corrected, "but we do not know when, the previous appointment is taking place for mid-August, with which the charge would be for September"

This is causing many of SEPE's employees have suffered harassment, insults and threats on social media. In order that this situation does not go from being digital to physical, they ask Díaz that the offices continue to be closed until their reopening can be guaranteed in complete safety: "it would be reckless to open up to the public."

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