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Repsol and two more stocks that have managed to pierce resistance this Tuesday


For the next few days the Spanish team could extend the profits to the level of 8,000 points

Technical analysis

Mindful that Repsol it is drilling the resistance of the 9 euros after two months of increasing lows. The technical aspect of the company for the next few days is good and it is very likely that we could end up seeing an extension of earnings to the maximums of the bearish gap that was left at 9.60 euros at the beginning of March.

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Mindful that the BBVA It is overcoming the resistance of 3 euros, which is a good sign that makes us think of a continuation of the increases to the level of 3.26 euros, key levels. If it manages to overcome this price level, we could see how it covers the bearish gap that was left at the beginning of March at 3.81 euros.

Merlin Properties it rises 6.33%, which allows it to overcome the short-term resistance it presents at 7.95 euros. The company is approaching the level of 8.50 euros, prices that we will not lose sight of. If it manages to exceed these prices, it is likely that we could end up seeing an extension of the earnings to the level of 10 euros, prices very close to the average of 200 sessions.


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