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Goirigolzarri (Bankia) hopes that the minimum income does not fall into 'the poverty trap'


The President of Bankia, José Ignacio Goirigolzarri, you are not too convinced with the minimum vital income approved by the Government of Pedro Sánchez. He hopes that this measure "does not fall into what economists call 'the poverty trap'", and considers that it is "complex in terms of definition and implementation because we have to encourage the incorporation of people into work and, on the other hand We have to prevent this from leading to a shadow economy. "

This was indicated this Tuesday in an interview in the Cope, in which he also spoke of the repeal of the labor reform that the central Executive wants to carry out. As the banker has said, an amendment to the entire labor reform is not justified in any case, least of all now. He believes that it is an unnecessary debate at the moment, and that is why he has taken the opportunity to remember some of the values ​​of this measure.

Specifically, he pointed out that he helped "the creation of more than three million jobs" and "the figure of the ERTE, which are playing a fundamental role at the moment." Now, he has remarked that if the idea is to make changes in that labor legislation, it will have to be taken into account that "we have to think about a reform thinking about the future and that it has to be done in a social dialogue framework"

On the other hand, regarding the role of banks in the coronavirus crisis, Goirigolzarri has assured that "today it has capital and liquidity and is in a position to support the economy in the next three quarters in this way out of the crisis"A job, he recalled, which has been achieved" thanks to the European Central Bank. "

The Bankia president believes that "banking, in this crisis, is playing an extraordinarily important role from two points of view: firstly, maintaining normal operations, banking has been an essential service. And secondly, it is playing and has to continue playing a very important role in financing families and in Spanish companies, "he said.

Goigolzarri believes that "the decisions that have been made so far have gone in the right direction", but something else will be that "as time passes" it is necessary to "change the approach". "We will have to move from a macro to a micro approach, which is support to different sectors because each one has their characteristics and their needs and to define that you have to count on those who know about this: the entrepreneurs. "

The banker has defended the figure of the businessman because "they are the people who really know and those who create jobs", and recalled that their role in the previous crisis "was a tremendous example of generating wealth and employment."

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