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Zoom continues unstoppable and exceeds $ 200 per share for the first time


Zoom Video continues unstoppable on Wall Street. The actions of the video calls 'app' they have exceeded this Monday for the first time in their history the $ 200, after rebounding 13%, to $ 204.15.

The company's rally is such that its price has tripled so far this year, going from the $ 68 with which January began to the current 203. This represents a revaluation of 200%.

Today's increases of more than 13% come after the company's announcement that they are working on a new encryption system that will be available to clients of your platform that use the payment method.

In this way, you would end the reliability issues that have haunted you since much of the world is confined. Although these have not prevented its popularity from skyrocketing, in just three months it went from having 10 million users to over 200 million.

Its impeccable advance in the stock market has caused it to exceed the capitalization of companies that until the arrival of the global pandemic were much better known than it, such as Twitter. So much so that currently Zoom, with a capitalization of 46.1 billion euros, it is worth twice as much as the social network, which is at 24,910 million.


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