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The autonomous communities will be the ones to manage the final phase of the de-escalation



Pedro Sánchez's government takes a step back in managing the final phase of the de-escalation. At a press conference after the twelfth conference with the regional presidents, the Prime Minister has confirmed that he will request a “Last and definitive” 15-day extension of the state of alarm, until next June 21, in what would be the sixth since last March 14. And a “substantial” novelty will be that its management will remain only in the regulation (or restriction) of mobility, in such a way that those Autonomous communities that are in phase 3 will have “full governance” to administer it.

According to Sánchez, if finally approved, the last of the alarm states will be "very different, much lighter". The Executive will definitely transfer the maximum responsibility in the management of the de-escalation to the communities that are in phase 3. "As of June 8, more than 50% of our country should be in phase 3," estimates the president of the Government, in addition to the fact that "from June 8 to 21 there will be communities where the state of alarm may even be lifted."

The coalition Executive has already secured the support in the vote for the sixth extension, after agreeing with the ERC and PNV in recent days. In fact, The pact with ERC is the one that has favored the autonomous communities to recover their powers. On the contrary, JxCat, PP and VOX have rejected the extension.

The communities will be able to manage the rhythms and modalities of the "new normal" in their respective territories, and it will pass "From co-governance to full governance by the autonomous communities". However, Sánchez recalled that the communities will be able to count on the Ministry of Health, in "questions of cooperation and information." The Executive trusts that "On July 1, it will have been possible to recover the mobility of movement in all corners of the country."

Sánchez has taken the opportunity to publicly praise Dr. Fernando Simón and Minister Salvador Illa for their work in this crisis after confirming the "intense relief" seen in recent days on the streets of Spain after achieving "with great collective effort" greatly appease the Covid-19 pandemic.

Despite this, "we cannot relax, we must maintain prudence, because the virus continues to lurk," said the president, who appeals to individual responsibility, in addition to public institutions, to deal with the last phase of de-escalation and the "new normal".

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