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Sacyr is positioned as the favorite to return to the Ibex 4 years after his departure



Sacyr he wins integers to return to the Ibex four years after his departure. It is the best positioned value to enter the main Spanish selective, although experts warn that they do not expect changes at the meeting of the Technical Advisory Committee (CAT) that will be held on June 11.

The Spanish construction company has a capitalization of 1,010 million euros (at the close of the session this Friday), a stock value that is above that registered by other Ibex companies such as Meliá. But liquidity must also be taken into account and, in this regard, both companies have a very similar level. Ence is also worth less on the stock market than Sacyr, but its contracting volume is much higher, which rules it out to leave the selective.

For Banco Sabadell analysts, should there be any change, the best place to enter would be Sacyr and Mediaset to exit. The audiovisual group's weak point is the volume of contracting it has lost waiting to see how its merger with the Italian parent company is resolved. And by market capitalization, it is also below the construction company.

In so far this year, Sacyr's shares have lost 30%, but the analysis houses give it great bullish potential. At the close of this Friday, each of its titles were paid at 1.76 euros and, for example, Bloomberg gives it a target price of 2.50 euros. That is, it considers that it is 42% below its real price.

By technician, the 'Bolsamanía' analyst, José María Rodríguez, does not see any confirmation that the title will fall strongly in the short term. "We just echo a support area that it is important that it is not pierced at any time. Furthermore, it would seem that the Sacyr stocks are shaping a symmetrical triangle of bullish implications," adds this expert.

It does make a small warning: "It never hurts to know that we have important support that must be respected so that, in some way, the short-term 'trading' bias remains bullish: this month's lows at 1.50 euros. And is that the potential loss of the same would be giving shape to a 'head and shoulders' of bearish implications that would take him as a minimum to the area of ​​1.25-1.30 euros. "


XTB analyst Joaquín Robles adds two names to the list of possible candidates: Solaria and Pharmamar. Along with Sacyr, he maintains that there are three companies that due to their revaluation and increased negotiation have options to enter. Of course, it shows some doubts that changes will be made in the components of the Spanish selective.

If it occurs, go to Sabadell, Cie Automotive or Meliá as the most vulnerable values ​​to abandon the Ibex. Although he points out that "it must be taken into account that they have been greatly affected by the economic situation, and could recover a large part of the losses in the event that the market will stabilize."

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