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El Corte Inglés, Mango, Parfois … mass consumption turns the mask into business



Make a virtue of necessity; Or simply take advantage of a business opportunity and sell a product that consumers are looking for. Some The most important companies in the mass consumption sector have launched to market reusable masks to protect citizens against the coronavirus.. Something unforeseeable just a few weeks ago when masks were scarce in pharmacies and governments, both state and regional, were trying to get shipments of disposable units from China.

One of the first companies to change the pace regarding masks has been Mango. The Catalan textile group announced last week that it was starting to market a series of models with more than 90% filtration and washable up to 10 times. In your case, one size for adults (men and women) and three sizes for children. The price, between 8 and 10 euros.

In addition, it has taken another step, the sale of two types of perfumed hydroalcoholic gel (amber and musk; or bergamot). In this case, the price is around 6 euros.


But Mango is not alone. The Spanish trade giant The English Court also bets on the commercialization of masks, from 9 euros. He even sells them designer, on the go Miguel Marinero. In this case, the price reaches up to 30 euros for a single unit. The latter is an online distribution product, manufactured in Spain and washable up to 15 times. And it includes a nuance: the company recommends using an activated carbon filter with this mask, such as the one it sends for a sample, which is not washable and must be changed every one or two weeks.

The sale of textile masks comes several weeks after some of the key companies in the supermarket segment, such as Mercadona, DIA, Lidl or Carrefour, will begin the sale on their shelves of this type of protection products but in its single-use modality. And, in the case of reusable textiles, firms linked to accessories, such as Parfois, have also started their sale, for 10 euros. And, again, with limitations. The mark indicates that they must be washed a maximum of five times so that they do not lose their degree of protection.

One of the unknowns is whether Inditex will take the same step with your brands. At the moment, the owner of Zara, Massimo Dutti and Oysho does not market them. However, it has incorporated models that wear this protective garment in the online catalog of one of its latest collections of Bershka.

We will have to wait a few weeks; and also to the next collections, to see if the masks, in addition to being an element of protection, are entrenched in the list of accessories proposed by the greats of the trade.

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