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The minimum income will help the underground economy emerge, according to Social Security



The Government ensures that the implementation of Minimum Life Income It will help to bring out an underground economy, since one of the requirements to be able to access it is to present a statement that shows the income you have.

As explained by the Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration, potential beneficiaries will ask that the income they receive is reflected so that from the Administration they can be verified to process this minimum income. This will make many begin to request that they stop paying in black because, even if that means that the corresponding withholding is made, they compensates by being able to benefit from the added amount of the Minimum Life Income.

On the other hand, the Government does not want the Minimum Living Income that it has just started to become a benefit that makes those who receive it disconnect from the labor market. Therefore, in order to encourage job search, will not exclude from receiving this income those who find work. At least for a while.

In this way, participation in the labor market will be promoted with incentives. Thus, when the holder of the benefit does not have a job and finds it, part of your salary will be exempt temporarily in the calculation of the benefit. Meanwhile, those who are employed, when their salary increases, the amount of the benefit will be reduced by a lower amount. In addition, it will be compatible with a part-time job.

"It is a very useful incentive. Even those who want to work some more hours and if it exceeds the minimum income, they can make it compatible even with this excess for a certain time, "stressed the minister José Luis Escrivá, which has announced that the Government provides a "social seal" to recognize those companies that help these groups to integrate into the labor market. For their part, the beneficiaries will have incentives for hiring from the Social Security side. In order to be a beneficiary of the Minimum Vital Income, you will be required to register as a job seeker to access the benefit.

This matter was something that had been demanded from various directions and that aroused the reluctance of many who believe that this income means encouraging people to stop worrying about having a job. In fact, the president of the CEOEAntonio Garamendi affirmed that this aid will not make any sense if it does not have a path towards employability, saying that "we cannot build a subsidized country, because if not, we have a real problem. "After the approval of the Minimum Vital Income, the president of the Federation of Autonomous ATA, Lorenzo Amor, has said that he does not agree "on something structural that comes to replace the income support of communities and that generate more underground economy and greater disincentives to job search. "

From the unions, USO stresses that "It is a mistake to speak of this income as charity", because one of the "essential" investments is job placement. For this reason, he wants "training tools to return to the world of work" to be provided by betting on training and employment policies.



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