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Telegram CEO donated 10 Bitcoins for charities in Russia



Pavel Durov, the CEO of Telegram, has donated 10 bitcoins (BTC) to a charity project in Russia led by political activist Yegor Zhukov.

10 BTC are now worth around $ 95,000, at the current market price, although in reality, the transactions took place between May 24 and 25, when Bitcoin was worth around $ 8,780.

According to Cointelegraph, these would be the 5 transactions involved in the donation and, as you can see on Blockchain.com, the address contains 12.76 BTC in total, with 2 other bitcoins going through this address and then being sent elsewhere.

The Telegram CEO donation will be used to try to helping people most affected by poverty in Russia due to the spread of the Coronavirus. With 10 bitcoins, therefore, Durov will contribute to buying food for people in need.

Zhukov is part of a project called "Mutual Aid" that consists of helping people without necessarily receiving help from the government. The activist group's goal is to be independent from the government, and Zhukov explained that this is also the goal of Telegram and cryptocurrencies:

“The main objective of cryptocurrencies and Telegram is the independence of the government. Therefore, neither should be basically regulated. "

Bitcoin in Russia

Meanwhile, this transaction took place at a time when it is still not certain that Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are really legal in Russia. Recently in fact It has been proposed a BTC ban in the country. The Duma is apparently about to block the circulation of cryptocurrencies in Russia thanks to a series of laws that have not yet been voted on.

Regardless, the Telegram CEO donation came after the team recently had to stop your Blockchain TON project and your Gram cryptocurrency, unleashing the investor anger who say they are ready for a class of action.

In the past, Durov had also donated $ 1 million to Wikipedia.


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