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Reasons why cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology should be taught to students



When Bitcoin entered the scene, everyone thought it was a fad and that they would never realize it, but not long after its launch, people began to see its value and quickly reached glory and it is now clear that cryptocurrencies should be taught to students too because they are here to stay.

Although the path for cryptocurrencies has been difficult and unpredictable, it has resurfaced and has found stable ground in the financial sector. Slowly but surely it is consolidating its place in the financial world and today's students need to know more about it and here is why.

Professional oportunities

Cryptocurrencies and technology blockchain on the ones it builds on are relatively new and there is still room for further development. The job market is far from saturated and if you could educate yourself, you will be among the select few who handle cryptocurrencies.

It is a new field and therefore it is challenging so you will need the best study organization apps to help you as you complete your studies. When you look at the average starting wages of $ 100,000 a year, it's clear that the path ahead looks peachy.

Online security

The entire world is connecting and with it, a host of unwanted by-products have also appeared. Cybercrime is at its peak and companies are looking for online security experts to keep their businesses safe.

The decentralized nature of Blockchain technology allows companies make online transactions much faster and more securebecause it introduces advanced encryption. Blockchain systems are completely independent and self-regulating, which means you don't have to involve third parties to store confidential information.

This makes it virtually impossible to commit fraud or commit identity theft. Everyone in the backend stays informed and can see all transactions without being able to see confidential personal information.

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Investment opportunities

If you thought gold was a solid investment, You should see what cryptocurrencies are capable of. In 2017, the value of a single Bitcoin increased to almost $ 20,000. Although it fell shortly thereafter, it has stabilized and is growing again. It takes a little bit of knowledge to invest properly, which is why students need an education.

When they know all the ins and outs, they will be able to make sensible investments and do so from an early age. Although investing in cryptocurrencies was a bit risky a couple of years ago, things are looking more stable as cryptocurrencies are gradually regulated.

Governments are investigating it

Since blockchain technology provides more online security, governments around the world are looking to make use of the technologies. Financial markets are changing and as governments seek to invest in cryptocurrenciesStudents looking to get into finance need the background to get a holistic picture.

Several countries such as Sweden, Japan, China and Singapore have already begun to develop your cryptocurrencies. In a few years, if you don't know how cryptocurrencies work, you could be looking to be under-rated.

All industries involved

The perspective of cryptocurrencies and Blockchain is not limited to just the financial industry. Agriculture, law, marketing or any market that has an online element will seek to use blockchain technology.

One of the main reasons why blockchain technology is gaining ground and popularity It is because most industries need to collaborate and work in different departments. In most developed countries, universities have clung to this new interest and have implemented various courses in all departments.

Their reasoning is based on research indicating that blockchain and cryptocurrencies have the potential to cross departments and industries. This makes it an attractive field for students to get involved as they will be able to launch a wider network of where they want to work.


Blockchain technology is here to stay and cryptocurrencies have only begun to flex their potential muscles. Moving forward on the curve is essential and if students want to be at the top of the employee pick list, Experience and knowledge of cryptocurrencies will be essential. The market is new and ready to be explored and the sooner students are educated the better.


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