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Pools in phase 1 areas may open for sports use



The ministerial order included in the last Official State Gazette (BOE) not only establishes the standards for phase 3 of the Covid-19 pandemic de-escalation, too relaxes some of the activities allowed in phases 1 and 2. One of the most important modifications has to do with the swimming pools.

The opening of swimming pools in areas that are still in phase 1, although only for sports, not recreational use, in the same conditions as in phase 2. Thus, an appointment will be necessary and it will only be allowed individually, or a maximum of two people if the sport they practice requires it, but without physical contact and keeping the safety distance of two meters. And the capacity is limited to 30%, although the use of changing rooms is allowed.

Likewise, it allows full training in professional leagues and the resumption of closed-door competition "when the evolution of the health situation allows it" and under the same conditions as those located in phase 2 areas.

Of the changes produced in phase 2, the relaxation of the conditions of the professional club training, allowing technical meetings in which more than 15 people participate if necessary after the end of the first week of total training.

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