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Trump removes Hong Kong's special status after new Chinese security law



The President of the United States, Donald trump, has announced retaliation against China by new citizen security law passed for Hong Kong, and that in practice cuts freedoms in the former British colony, considered until now a territory with a special regime. "China has violated its promises about Hong Kong and lied to the world about the coronavirus"said the leader.

Trump has used a very harsh tone against Beijing and has reiterated his accusations that the Chinese government "has stolen" to the US for many years.

Therefore, it has announced that regulation to increase Chinese companies listed on the American stock market and that from now on Hong Kong will not be considered a special territory. Therefore, it has removed all special trade agreements with the territory.

It has also permanently suspended the US contribution to the World Health Organization and he has said that "China must tell the truth to the world". However, He has not alluded at any time to the trade agreement between China and the United States., so that Wall street has increased profits after his message.

His words come after the foreign ministers of United Kingdom, United States, Australia and Canada have expressed this Thursday their "deep concern" for the Chinese Parliament's endorsement of said law, while they consider that the reform limits liberties and calls into question the principle of "one country, two systems."

The British Dominic Raab, the American Mike Pompeo, the Canadian François-Philippe Champagne and the Australian Marise Payne have joined their voices against the "direct taxation" Beijing's law that will criminalize sedition, treason, secessionism and foreign interference in Hong Kong.

"China's decision to impose the new national security law goes into direct conflict with its international obligations contained in the Sino-British Joint Declaration, registered with the UN and legally binding, "the four ministers have warned in a statement. The rule, they added, would open the door" to the prosecution of political crimes "and the limitation of rights in Hong Kong.

They have also shown their fear of the possibility that the passage of Beijing could aggravate the "deep divisions" that already exist in Hong Kong society, evidenced in this last year by largest mobilizations since the United Kingdom ceded sovereignty of this territory to China in 1997.

For the British, American, Australian and Canadian governments, in a global context like the present one, marked by the coronavirus pandemic, it is necessary for all governments to work for mutual trust and international cooperation. "Beijing's unprecedented move may have the opposite effect"they have sentenced.



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