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The Ibex, unable to exceed the April highs in weekly candles



The short-term sensations are not bad, but we would appreciate a little more filter above the 7,210 point level (the highs for April).

This Thursday we said that even though the Ibex It closed above the April highs (7,210) at 7,224 points, it was not a sufficient filter to give up the resistance, and therefore we expected better at the end of the week candle. And what the closing of the candle for the whole week is telling us is that we have attacked the highs of April but at the moment we have not been able. Which does not mean that it cannot later. But for the moment we have not been able to. Only above this resistance will we leave the door open for the rebound to continue towards the 8,000 points (50% adjustment / fallback). Below, on the side of the supports and although very far from the current area, the control area is in the 6,420 points. As long as this support is not pierced, it can be said that the short-term trading bias remains lateral within a corrective phase of higher order.

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