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Technical analysis office: Telefónica, Inditex, Iberdrola, Red Eléctrica, Acciona, Bionatur, Gilead Sciences and bitcoin



Next, we give answers to the values ​​for which we have been asked the most throughout the morning. José María Rodríguez, technical analyst at Bolsamanía, analyzes Gilead Sciences, bitcoin, Inditex, Iberdrola, Red Eléctrica, Acciona, Bionatur and Telefónica.

Technical analysis

Hi, good morning. I would like to know if it is a good time to buy shares of the biotech company that is using the antiviral against Covid-10. Do you think it could be interesting in the long term or am I late like you? do you like to say Thank you very much, greetings. E.SD.

Dear reader, good afternoon. I do not say that Gilead Sciences may not do well in the coming months. But we do know that what you and I already know is worth nothing. The antiviral that he comments, Remdesivir, is already discounted in the price. Or rather, the price already collects the information available to the market. Now there is very important resistance at the 2018 highs ($ 89.54). That is, a potential weekly close with slack above this resistance would be confirming us a more than interesting figure of return on double floor, before a change in trend, to bullish, with a target in the area of ​​historical highs, around the $ 120- $ 123. If it exceeds the maximums of 2018 it would be a title to incorporate into a portfolio in medium and long term terms. Thank you very much, greetings.

Gilead Sciences weekly chart

Hello, José María. I have a bitcoin bought around $ 14,000. Now that the long-awaited 'halving' has passed. What do you think you can do between now and the end of the year? And I know you don't have the crystal ball. Greetings and thank you very much. P.S.

Dear investor, good afternoon. I don't dislike what I keep seeing in him bitcoinIt seems to be triangulating to continue climbing positions. But until bitcoin does not clearly break the $ 10,500 (the $ 10,670 of its future) we will not have a real sign of strength. Only by closing clearly above will we leave the door open at the start of a change in trend, with targets at 2019 highs at $ 14,000 and above all-time highs at $ 20,000. But, I insist, it lacks having confirmation. Let's see if it will soon be able to jump above the annual highs it reached last February. Thank you very much, greetings.

Daily chart of the future of bitcoin

Good morning, how do you see the possible evolution of Iberdrola and Inditex in the short term? Greetings from Barcelona. S.T.

Dear reader, good afternoon. Inditex It is a title that I like. Finally, it has respected the horizontal support it had and has at 21.60 euros (61.8% adjustment of the previous impulse) and it seems it can attack the resistance it has at the highs of April (26.70). The 26.84 euros is a very important resistance zone, as it is the weekly bearish gap in mid-March. Closing it (in weekly candles) would be an important sign of strength in the national textile giant. In fact, if it closed we do not rule out that it ends up going to the resistance zone that it presents in the bearish gap of 31.50 euros. Anteroom of what may be a return to the annual highs at 32.28 euros.

Inditex daily chart

As to Iberdrola, It is another interesting title because in no time has it ceased to be bullish in long-term terms. In addition, and as we have already commented on other occasions, the significant falls in February and March have slowed down, at tick, at the level of adjustment / decline of 61.8% of the previous rise. What means that the normal thing is that from here it is restructured again to the rise with a first objective of rise in the resistance of 10.60 euros and above the annual and historical maximums at 11.35 euros. A greeting.

Iberdrola weekly chart

Good morning, and thank you very much for your advice. How do you see entering Red Eléctrica at current prices as a medium-term investment? What would be the supports and resistances of the value? Thank you. FA.

Dear investor, good afternoon. Red Eléctrica It is a title that has been moving within a wide side since 2015. It presents a clear support area in the range of 13.60-14 euros. And that's where, dilatations aside, the price has slowed the falls again. In fact, to the extent that the price does not pierce the base of this lateral, we cannot rule out that it ends up restructuring again to the upside with the aim of rising at the annual and historical highs (19.74) with the permission of the intermediate resistance. It presents at 16.96 euros (last weekly bearish gap). Thank you very much, greetings.

Hello, could you analyze Acciona? Thank you. P.GT.

Dear reader, good afternoon. Drives It is in a most interesting market moment, as we can see how the March lows (75.50) have once again acted as support. So now we have double support (not double bottom), also coinciding with the long-term bullish guideline. From which it follows that if there is a time to jump into the pool it is now, with a 'stop' in weekly closing prices below 75 euros. And target of rise in the 100 euros and above the annual maximums in the 123. Thanks to you, a greeting.

Good morning, what is your opinion on Bionatur? What target price do you see? Thank you. J.VG.

Dear investor, good afternoon. I do not like ADL Bionatur what do you want me to say. It is a bearish without contemplation in addition to a very narrow title, little liquid. What always makes entry and exit difficult because when we want to do it, it's like an elephant in a china shop. We are in danger of moving prices on our own. And on the other hand we have decreasing maximums and minimums, as well as an impeccable bearish guideline that joins the decreasing maximums since the end of 2017 and that currently passes through the two-euro area. Thanks to you, greetings.

Good morning, I have Telefónica shares at 5.40 euros. And the truth is that I do not know whether to buy more averages to sell them and assume losses. Because as much as many analysts recommend this title there is no way that it will rise. And when it does it is only to fall more. Greetings from Ciudad Real. E.SD.

Dear reader, good afternoon. Of Telefónica We continue talking long and hard almost every week and the truth is that nothing has changed, everything remains the same. Now, we are going to see if in the short term the title is capable of successfully attacking the resistance of 4.5 euros, since above it opens the door to the possibility that it will seek the important resistance zone of the 5, 30-5.35 euros. But even if it bounced up to there everything would fit within what is a potential 'pull back' to the clavicular of a big double roof long term. A greeting.

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