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Brave has announced the launch of Brave Together for video calls



The Brave browser has launched Brave together, a video call system, which is placed in direct competition with industry applications such as Zoom, but also Facebook, WhatsApp and Skype.

The news was announced through Twitter:

At the moment, the service will only be available in the United States for users of Brave Nightly, the trial version of Brave. The fact that Brave presents it in the Nightly version indicates that the service is not yet in its final version. For this reason, the browser asks its users to try and leave comments in the corresponding section.

Its use seems easy: the browser will have a widget, like the one that seems to access BAT tokens, and from there it will be possible to start video calls.

From what the ad shows, it's clear that video conferencing can involve at least 25 people.

Brave Together was made using Jitsi, which provides open source applications for developing security-focused video conferencing applications.

The fact that the service is defined as "private and unlimited" seems to put it in serious competition with Zoom, the application of the moment, which has suffered some problems from a security point of view.

Recently, Zoom has achieved immense value, not only from the point of view of downloads, which currently make it one of the most downloaded applications, but also in terms of capitalization. In fact, its value would now amount to $ 48 billion.

Brave Together also openly competes with another browser, Google Chrome, which instead has developed the service “Meet“, An evolution of the Hangout application, another system for making video conferences.

Unlike Zoom, Brave Together and Google Meet are free. Zoom, on the other hand, is a free service, free but with limitations that are eliminated by purchasing the paid version.

Brave Together towards the mainstream

The Brave browser with its evolution aims to further grow your users and even capture those who at this time of restrictions due to the Coronavirus are using applications for video conferencing and video calls.

The fact that Brave rewards browser users in BAT tokens also makes it one of the key vehicles to promote the knowledge of cryptocurrencies.

This mix is ​​most likely the solution the cryptocurrency world has been waiting for to hit the mainstream.


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