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Falls on Twitter after Trump threatens to close it for verifying his tweet



Twitter closed the trading session with falls of 2.8% after US President Donald Trump has threatened to close the social network for describing a tweet that the US president published as potentially misleading.

The war between the two began on Tuesday night when Trump claimed in his own profile that voting by mail ballots would lead to fraud, considering them misleading. This message did not go unnoticed by Twitter that included a link to the text "Get the facts about voting by mail" that lead to a page with the title "Trump unfoundedly claims that voting by mail will lead to electoral fraud" .

This has not sat well with Trump who has accused Twitter of being a tool of the Republicans to silence the voices of the Democrats. Further, It has threatened to regulate or close it "to prevent this from happening."

Investors' fear of possible repressions by Donald Trump has broken the upward trend registered by the social network. In fact, had eight consecutive sessions in green in which about 21% had been shot.

The war with Twitter is also affecting the stock market Facebook, the owner of the bird's social network. At this time on Wednesday, it is leaving about 3%.



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