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CaixaBank manages to react from the key support of 1.50 euros



It seems that the numerous supports of the CaixaBank securities to the support of 1.50 euros are reaping the benefits in the sense that the support to be respected at all times has worked.

At the beginning of the week we analyzed this title and said of it that we were in what a server likes to call "now or neverWell, as you can see from the weekly chart CaixaBank has started to bounce strongly at the present time, respecting at all times the support of 1.50 euros, which leaves the door open for it to now head towards the important resistance zone it presents in the last weekly bearish gap: at 2.10 euros (bearish 'gap' in mid-March). And if this were to close, which I doubt, we would have an important sign of strength.

And it is that in the vast majority of occasions this type of gap is filled, totally or partially, on a first attempt. But it is rare that they close (or what is the same to cancel) on the first occasion that occurs. If anything, in a second attempt the probability of closing it increases considerably. That said, it seems clear that the support to be respected at all times is there, at the 1.50 euro level that we have referred to on numerous occasions.

CaixaBank weekly chart

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