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Airbus takes off and 'sticks its head out' above resistances



Right at this moment we have the Airbus titles 'sticking their heads' above the resistance that joins the declining maximums since the end of March.

Technical analysis

Short term

Medium term

Long term

After the increases of the last days we have Airbus attacking and leaving behind the resistance presented in the bearish guideline that joins the declining maximums since the end of March. Although to have a clearer confirmation, we need the title to jump above the resistance it presents in April highs at 65.26 euros. Only from that moment will we begin to look at the title with different eyes because it would be the first time since the last great correction began in which the price is capable of building a first increasing maximum, which is no small feat. And below, on the side of the supports, we have a clear double support (not double floor) in the lows of March and May, at 48.20 euros.

Airbus daily chart

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