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Wall Street anticipates further declines, witnessing mounting tension between China and the US



Wall Street anticipates further declines. The main US indices are in the red for the second consecutive session. And they do so after learning about weekly unemployment claims this Thursday (the virus has already destroyed 38 million jobs) and in the face of renewed tension between the US and China.

The give and take between the two largest economies in the world has reached the stock market. The US Senate is pushing a law to exclude Chinese companies from US indexes. "The project is moving at great speed", experts recognize.

The full reopening of the United States remains unknown. "The future continues to present uncertainties and we cannot rule out a second wave of the virus," admits Fundstrat Global Advisors. "We remain cautious and think that equities continue to offer an attractive return-risk equation," they say.

In the US, the latest data does not especially call for optimism. According to CNBC, which in turn echoes a report by Johns Hopkins University, More than a third of the states that have reopened their doors have registered a spike in infections.

And Trump follows his own. The president of the USA has affirmed this Thursday that "we are not going to close the country again" if a second wave of the outbreak occurs. "We can put out fires, but we are not going to close the country again," he said.

On the other side of the Atlantic, the Ibex recovers positions and returns to green supported by the rebound of the bank. In Asia, the stock markets have closed in red as a result of trade tensions and China itself, which has abandoned its GDP target for 2020.

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