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Calviño: "It is absurd and counterproductive to open the debate on labor reform now"



The Vice President for Economic Affairs and Minister for the Economy, Nadia Calviño, commented that "we are facing the biggest recession in our history and we are in a state of alarm, so it would be absurd and counterproductive to open the debate on the repeal of the labor reform now and generate the slightest legal uncertainty at this time"

In a telematic intervention carried out in the Cercle D'Economy, Calviño has tried to establish in a clear way the position of the Government in this matter, after the enormous controversy that has been generated after agreeing the parliamentary group of the PSOE in Congress with Podemos and Bildu the "full repeal of the 2012 labor reform".

This was reflected in the agreement reached this Wednesday by the PSOE, United We Can and EH-Bildu, disseminated by the formation of the 'abertzale' left after Congress approved the extension 15 more days of the state of alarm.

This agreement was made public around 9 pm, but three hours later the PSOE announced a qualification so that the reform was not "complete", as previously announced.

In a statement, the party clarified that only the possibility of dismissal for absenteeism caused by sick leave (something that has already been repealed), the limitations to the temporal scope of the collective agreement and the application priority of company agreements over sectoral agreements.

As published by various media, It was Nadia Calviño who convinced the President to rectify, considering that the message that was launched to the markets was not good for the image of Spain. This reinforces the tension between the economy minister and vice president Pablo Iglesias, that this Thursday has reiterated the willingness of Podemos to repeal all the labor reform.

"Taxpayers pay us to fix problems and not create themSo the government has clear priorities: recover economic activity and support companies and workers, "said Calviño.

In any case, the initial agreement has sparked an unprecedented political storm and has sparked enormous criticism from businessmen. Even the CEOE has issued a statement in which cancels negotiations with the government in protest at the pact with Bildu.

In the opinion of employers, the pact involves an "outrageous contempt" for social dialogue, "for the dynamite"; to the role that the own Constitution it grants to the social agents, and to the State institutions themselves "at the most delicate moment of the Spanish economy and, therefore, when this dialogue becomes more necessary".

For this reason, Calviño wanted to send a message to businessmen. "I want to once again publicly thank the entrepreneurs for the commitment and the effort that they are also making at the moment. Companies have to play, as I have just said, a key role in the recovery and they have the support of this Government. Of course, changes can be made in the workplace. But always with a clear objective: to boost employment and activity, while protecting workers. Any modification in this area will be made in dialogue with the social agents"

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