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Tesla vs. Bitcoin stocks: which had higher returns?



How I know behaved the tesla stock on the market compared to Bitcoin (BTC)?

The shares of Tesla Inc (TSLA), that is, shares on the stock exchange of Elon Musk's company, have been listed on the Nasdaq since mid-2010, while Bitcoin was trading on crypto exchanges just a few months earlier.

Comparison between Tesla and Bitcoin stocks in terms of performance

With the years, 1 BTC has gone from having a value of less than $ 1 to almost $ 20,000 in December 2017, while now its price is around $ 9,500.

Tesla sharesOn the other hand, they started at a price close to $ 20, before reaching a record high shortly after mid-February 2020 at more than $ 900.

In particular, until mid-2013, Tesla's share price had moved very little, while bitcoin's price had already grown a lot. So the comparison for this period is too lopsided in favor of Bitcoin to be really interesting.

Tesla's stock price began to rise after March 2013, with a first rise that took it from $ 34 to $ 158 in five months. In this short period, it gained more than 350%, and the increase continued, albeit at a slower rate, for another 12 months to reach $ 235 in September 2014.

In total, from March 2013 to September 2014, Tesla's share price rose nearly 600%.

In the same period, the bitcoin price first rose from $ 14 in February 2013 to $ 1,100 in December of the same year, and then fell back below about $ 350 in November 2014.

In other words, BTC first recorded an incredible + 7,700% in about ten months, and then dropped back to + 2,400% in 21 months.

In January 2015, the bitcoin price dropped back to $ 216, and remained below $ 300 until October 2015. Meanwhile, Tesla's stock price remained almost constant and remained below $ 250 until April. from 2017.

However, Bitcoin, in April 2017, had already risen above $ 1,000, and during this period it had increased more than 300%.

In June 2017, Tesla's stock price rose to approximately $ 330, and remained there, with ups and downs, until December 2019.

However, in the same period, there were the first major speculative bubble on the price of bitcoin, which It lasted for about a year, which raised the price to a record high of about $ 20,000 in December 2017.

In December 2019, the price of bitcoin had dropped to approximately $ 7,000, with a gain of 600% more or less in the same period that Tesla shares recorded + 40%.

As of December 2019, Tesla's stock price rose from about $ 320 to over $ 900 in mid-February 2020, and then dropped back to $ 813 after the collapse in mid-March and the subsequent rise – first, it recorded a + 180% and then -9%, so far.

In the same period, the bitcoin price increased first to a peak of about $ 10,000, also in mid-February, and then collapsed in mid-March, to later recover at the current price of approximately $ 9,500, so it first registered + 42%, and then -10%, until now.

This means that from December to today, including the peaks of mid-February and the collapse of mid-March 2020, with the subsequent recovery, Tesla's stock price performed better than the bitcoin price.

However, analyzing the performance of previous years, bitcoin has had much more performance over time.

In particular, the comparison shows that, in the long term, the bitcoin volatility is vastly higher than that of Tesla's stockWhile in the short term Tesla stocks sometimes perform better than bitcoin.

For example, in 2019, Tesla shares gained approximately 28%, while Bitcoin 89%, but during 2020 Tesla shares have now returned approximately 100%, with bitcoin stopped at 35%. Looking back over time, however, bitcoin's price performance has, in the long run, been far superior to that of Tesla's stock.


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