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Bitfoliex Wallet: An Intuitive Crypto Platform



The sentiments of the blockchain market in general are identical to those of the beginning of November 2017. Just two days to the next halving of the Bitcoin block, the world is looking at the industry.

The recovery we see today is the result of a healthy trend that started in 2019. This recovery phase has given room for like-minded entrepreneurs and crypto industry leaders to come together and innovate. One of the ideas of these leaders is Bitfoliex, a crypto wallet platform. The platform launched in October 2018.

Bitfoliex has been recognized for upholding a user's first focus in terms of platform innovation, product services, and community ecology.

The creation of the platform has contributed to an efficient, transparent and fair crypto asset conversion and maintenance platform that provides secure, convenient, intuitive and professional crypto asset management services for retail users and some institutional players around the world.

Speaking of numbers, Bitfoliex has successfully incorporated over a million users on its platform as it is committed to driving innovation on a global scale. He has engaged with members and users of his community through weekly AMAs, quarterly conferences held in Germany, Brazil, Singapore, Mexico, etc. The platform's user base is established in more than 40 countries, creating content in several different languages ​​for seamless communication.

The main functions of the platform integrate storage, commerce and value-added services. The security provided by the wallet is top notch. Bitfoliex has adopted a ‘cold storage’ protocol that provides great confidence in the ecosystem. The platform has multi-signature wallets that require multiple signatures or access codes to validate a transaction, and this shows that there cannot be possible discrepancies to lose the security and integrity of the wallet.

Future updates:

The team has been constantly driving updates to the Bitfoliex core; These updates will help improve the reliability and competitiveness of the platform. We can expect the following developments to take place in the coming months:

  • They will be including top high-quality crypto assets to allow their users worldwide to have great exposure in the blockchain industry.
  • They will integrate the exchange portal with a diversified risk control system.
  • Business solutions for people to accept crypto payments in their online stores

Bitfoliex promotes the efficient and effective operation of the crypto market from the perspective of the sustainable development of the industry and in a responsible attitude towards institutional clients and retail users, and then further promotes the development of the crypto industry.

For more information, subscribe to her telegram channel at https://t.me/bitfoliexofficial.

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