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The Government plans to force "soon" to wear masks in public spaces



Maria Jesus Montero, Minister of Finance, has announced that the Government will start from next week to regulate the use of the mask in public places as a precautionary measure due to the de-escalation of the coronavirus crisis.

Salvador Illa, Minister of Health, has anticipated that they are going to reinforce the use of masks in this type of space and plans to force their use "shortly".

Illa has announced that in the next few days a ministerial order will be approved that reflects the consensus around the need to reinforce the use of this element of protection against the virus.

When asked about the controversy in the report of the Community of Madrid, the minister stressed that he does not want to be reproached and assures that "the reports of each community will be published when they pass from one phase to another."

"When all the CCAA are in phase 1 we will publish all the reports of Phase 1, when all the CCAA are in phase 2 we will publish the reports of phase 2, when all the CCAA are in phase 3 we will publish all the reports of phase 3 with maximum transparency criteria ", Salvador Illa has specified.

The minister has argued that they will do so out of common sense and so as not to encourage de-escalation careers that "would not take us anywhere".

Illa has also made reference to the suppression of time slots in municipalities with less than 10,000 inhabitants. This falls within a package of measures for rural Spain that the Government hopes to announce shortly.



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