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Simón, to the WHO: "Not proving contagion through objects does not rule out its existence"



Fernando Simón has come out in step with the last report of the who. The organization acknowledges that it does not have conclusive evidence to ensure that the coronavirus can be spread through contact with objects. Simón has qualified his words affirming that: "Not being able to demonstrate something does not rule out its existence".

"It is not and has never been the main transmitter, but it is one of the most important just behind maintaining social distancing," added the epidemiologist.

Simón has taken advantage of his intervention this Sunday to remember that "The use of gloves is dangerous if we do not use it well". And it is that as soon as a person touches his face, despite wearing this type of protection, he is not fulfilling his function in any way.

Regarding the quarantine of international travelers after the passage forward in Italy and after Sánchez refused to do the same in Spain this Saturday, Simón acknowledged that "there are still many uncertainties" to be able to express themselves clearly.

Simón continues without ruling out a regrowth in our country, so he recalls that "we must go progressively." In turn, he noted that "contagions are detected every time before but we will have more information in the coming days with the new surveillance systems."

Regarding exit and unconfinement measures with time bands, Simón has defended that "the majority of detected cases are still associated with the healthcare environment, not at the exit of the confinement and in the domiciliary and social environment. "Finally, he stressed that" the Autonomous Communities currently have enough sanitary material to function. "That yes," is based on current needs. "



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