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Sánchez refuses to lift the quarantine like Italy and assures that the EC supports him



Spain will not follow in Italy's footsteps. Our country will not lift the 14-day quarantine for international travelers and tourists as the transalpine country has already done. This has been announced by the Prime Minister himself, Pedro Sánchez, this Saturday from Moncloa.

Sánchez has also shielded himself that his government has the backing of the European Commission, the executing arm of Brussels.

This statement contrasts with the position of Europe that seeks to return to the free movement of people as soon as possible in the Old Continent. Sánchez has recognized the capital importance of the tourism sector for Spain, but he preferred to opt for "prudence" before.

Sánchez has also gone against the words of Alberto Garzón, granting that "there can be no economic reactivation without tourism, our most attractive sector."

For its part, Italy has clarified that travel to and from abroad will only be limited by the own measures and restrictions of the other countries, not yours. In this way, those from Conte seek to reactivate the tourist flow in the face of the summer season and facilitate the reunion of families divided by the border blockade carried out since last March.

Only people who test positive for the coronavirus or are quarantined by themselves will be prohibited from traveling. It should be remembered that from May 18 Italy will stop limiting all movement within the same region. Until now, Conte's only allowed to go shopping to stock up on food, work, visit family and play sports.

Italy thus tries to reopen the country after having a balance of 223,000 infected and 31,600 dead. Starting this Monday, shopping centers, bars and restaurants will be able to open their doors, anticipating the initial planned date of June 1.



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