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The Ibex anticipates gains of 1% while waiting for relevant economic data



European futures anticipate a positive opening of 1% after the bullish closure of wall street in highs of the day thanks to the strong profits of the banking sector. Asian stocks are trading with moderate gains after learning that the April retail sales in China are down 7.5% (almost in line with the expected drop of 7%) and that the Industrial production of the Asian giant in the same period has rebounded 3.9%, above the 1.5% expected.

In other markets, the Brent oil It rebounded 2%, to $ 31.85, on the hope that the partial reopening of the economies reactivate the declining world demand. In addition, the euro appreciated 0.02% and changed to $ 1.0860, pending various important economic data, such as the GDP of Germany and the Euro zone in the first trimester.

In addition, the April retail sales in the United States. A drop of 8.6% is expected for the general data and a decrease of 4.6% for the sales of the control group, which directly affect the calculation of GDP.

At the business level, Hard Felguera It is news after communicating that Dubai Bank has executed guarantees provided by the company for a value of 47.8 million in the contract for the expansion of the power plant Jebel Ali 'K' Phase III.


"The Ibex ended up losing the support (almost) of the 6,580 points. But it closed far from the lows of the day after losing more than 3%. Which means that the swords are still high and the closing of the weekly candle this Friday can give us more information than that of Thursday, "says José María Rodríguez, analyst at Bolsamanía.

"Above all because despite closing already seeing all the bullish gap (support) of 6,580 points, this is nothing, it should be said that our selective has rebounded to the tick from the lows of another small support that it presents in the lows of April: 6,420 points"argues this expert.

"So, summarizing," concludes Rodríguez, "it is true that we have lost a little support, but not at all the aspect is as bad as the one that was taking the Ibex when it fell more than 3%. At the end of the day we are still on the side of the last two months. "

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