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Technical analysis office: the Ibex, DIA, OHL, Berkeley, ACS, Aena, Carnival and Facebook



Next, we give answers to the values ​​for which we have been asked the most throughout the morning. José María Rodríguez, technical analyst at Bolsamanía, analyzes Facebook, Ibex 35, Carnival Corporation, OHL, Berkely Energía, DIA, Aena and ACS.

Technical analysis

Good morning, what forecast do you see for Facebook in the next sessions? Is it a good time to take positions now? Thank you. Regards. P.J.

Dear reader, good afternoon. The aspect of Facebook It cannot be better, as for all technology as a whole. In fact, as we neglect the Nasdaq 100 is going to leave us a manual ‘V’ spin, with the majority of the liquidity investing community waiting for the relapse towards the March lows. And Facebook is one of those giants (FANG) that is pulling the car with force. What I don't see is opening longs now at the gates of the all-time highs that it set at the beginning of the year. Rather it is a clear keep in portfolio and only when it corrects / adjusts proportionally the accumulated increases since the March lows would we consider entering the title. With this I do not mean that I cannot go higher because after all it is a very bullish title. It's just that doing it now seems to me to be very late to the market. Thank you very much, greetings.

Weekly Facebook Chart

Hello good day. Do you think we will fall back to the March lows? I am still in liquidity waiting for 5,800 points, but these never arrive. Thank you. L.G.

Dear investor, good afternoon. Let's say that the joys or sorrows, depending on how you look at them, go through neighborhoods. The Ibex As we have already mentioned on numerous occasions, it is the weakest in all of Europe and it is listed light years from Wall Street. The fortress is mostly on the other side of the Atlantic, as always. And within Europe the strength is in the Dax and the weakness in the Ibex. I do not know if we will see the March lows in our selective, but what I do know is that, if the bags decide to take a short break, a pause on the way to the rebound, we run the risk of slipping and falling hard. Well we are the weakest index and therefore any setbacks on Wall Street can translate into a new correction for us. We do not have a return figure, nor are we expecting it. And we quote much closer to supports than to resistances, which means that everything is possible in our Ibex and therefore a relapse to the March lows cannot be ruled out today.

I invite you to read here the analysis on the Ibex and other indices that we carried out last weekend. In the very short term we have to know that it has an important support at 6,580 points. This coincides with a bullish gap that has been filled, but not closed. So as long as it does not close there is still room for hope, as far as the continuity of the rebound is concerned. Thanks to you, greetings.

Ibex 35 daily chart

Good morning, José María. I am thinking of investing in Carnival with a medium / long term objective. I am aware that the cruise industry has been as punished as the hotel or airline sector, and that this presents a difficult next few months, but even so, do you consider that it is a good time to enter assuming this risk? Thank you very much in advance. Thanks and regards.

Dear reader, good afternoon. Experience has shown us that, generally, when there is a lot of fear and nobody wants the shares, it is time to buy. With the risk that is always assumed knowing that some company may stay on the road. But as a general rule and in long-term terms, it is. Having said that, Carnival Corp. 90% has been left from annual highs. Many airlines also accumulate similar drops, of 70-80%. And in the last bounce of the cruise company you can see how it fits perfectly into what is a 'pull back' to the old support area, now resistance, of $ 16-17 dollars. But little more can be said about this title today because we have no return figure of any kind in the price. In fact, the only strategy at the moment cannot be other than trying to open longs on corrections, and the closer to the March lows, the better. On the condition that you do not pierce them. But of course, the lows are very far at the moment, specifically at $ 7.80. Thank you very much, greetings.

Carnival Corporation Weekly Chart

Good Morning. Thank you for offering us this opportunity for Mr. José María Rodríguez to help us in the investment process. I would like you to analyzed the supports and resistances of OHL, Berkeley and DIA. Thank you very much and take care of yourself. R.SJ.

Dear investor, good afternoon. OHL It is a clearly bearish title in all time frames. Just watch the bearish book channel featuring monthly candles. March lows have found support at the base of the channel, hence the rebound. This is the typical title that could bounce with a lot of force while still being bearish for it. Now, in the very short term we have a resistance at 0.8160 euros and support at 0.69 euros. The levels that I indicate are very short term, since the most important levels at the moment, although very distant, we find them at 1.60 euros above and 0.45 euros below. Control references that at this time are not operational at all as they are very far from the current prices. All in all, what is really important is that the trend is clearly bearish in terms of the medium and long term.

OHL Monthly Chart

As to Berkeley It is a title that is getting interesting in the short term since last week it was able to overcome with a clear increase in volume the bearish guideline that joined the declining maximums since the beginning of 2019. Which means that now as the main area of support we have the old bearish guideline, this is the area of ​​approx. 0.125 euros and as resistances we have 0.21 euros and above 0.2644 and 0.4160 euros (January 2019 highs). A priori, any correction that brings you closer to the bearish guideline in the form of ‘throw back’ can be interpreted as an interesting buying opportunity for ‘trading’.

Berkeley weekly chart

And finally, regarding DAY, this Tuesday we did an analysis on the food company (You can read it here). Let's see if it is capable of attacking once and for all the resistance of 0.15 euros: the bearish gap of the session on November 28. Closing it would be a clear and important sign of strength in the title, since above it it would no longer have significant resistances until the last great decreasing maximum, the 2019 maximum of 0.2950 euros. Below, on the side of the supports, the most immediate is found at 0.10 euros. Thank you very much, gentleman, and also.

DIA weekly chart

Hello good day. Could you analyze Aena and ACS? When do you think it will be a good time to enter? Thank you. P.GT.

Dear reader, good afternoon. Aena It has entered the corrective phase again after the last rebound, in line with the falls that we are once again seeing in sector titles such as IAG and Amadeus. Amadeus is already close to the lows for March and Aena seems to be able to head towards the important support zone that it presents at $ 89-90. From which it follows that, the optimal strategy at this time would be to open longs at the closest possible price levels to the support presented at the March lows, on condition that they do not lose them. On the other hand, the rebound has been exhausted in an impeccable back pull back ’to the resistance (previously support) of the 2018 lows at 127-128 euros.

As to ACSWe have you in the middle of the resistance zone, the 24.70-25 euros: the weekly bearish gap in mid-March. In addition, if we take into account that the rebound is being over 100% and this caresses important resistances, what seems clear is that it is not the best time to invest. Or at least the theory says that in resistances it is not bought, if it is sold at all. I would only wonder if I corrected / adjusted all the cumulative rise since the March lows. Thus, for example, an adjustment of 50% of the rebound reached would bring the security to levels close to 17.75 euros. Thanks to you, greetings.

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