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Santander and two more values ​​that have overcome supports or resistances this Wednesday



We will not see a sign of strength in the Spanish selective as long as it remains trading below 6,922 points

Technical analysis

Enagas It struggles to climb back above the 200-session average. Attentive in the next sessions to overcoming the resistance of 21.52 euros as we could end up seeing an extension of earnings to the level of 24 euros. It is certainly a value to keep in mind in the coming days.

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7.94% crash in ArcelorMittal that it loses the support of 7.63 euros and seriously complicates its technical prospects for the next few days. For the next few days, the most normal thing is that we can end up seeing an extension of earnings to the level of 6 euros, annual minimums.

Strong declines of 4.14% in the Santander which loses the support of 1.92 euros and is approaching the key level of 1.8646 euros, annual lows. Be careful with the abandonment of this price level as it would complicate the technical perspectives and we could end up seeing an attack at the level of 1.50 euros.



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