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Commerce clarifies that it will allow discounts in physical stores after the confusion of the BOE



Trade rectifies. After the last controversy sown by the BOE, the institution has issued an explanatory note at the request of the main textile employers' association, Acotex, to clarify that if it will allow the discounts in physical stores after the confusion generated by the bulletin published last Saturday.

"What is prohibited are the crowds and not the possibility of making sales and promotions in physical establishments," the Ministry has clarified.

This Tuesday it was learned that, at the request of Acotex, the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism sent a query to the Ministry of Health on the matter.

At that time, the department led by Salvador Illa told them that "this provision should not be interpreted in the sense in which they are restricted and therefore prohibit sales or promotions themselves." To carry out this veto, the Government would need to modify the Retail Trade Management Law, something that has not taken place.

The rectification of Commerce takes place after the protests of organizations like Anged. The National Association of Large Distribution Companies that includes retail giants such as El Corte Inglés, Tendam and MediaMarkt, when consulted by Bolsamanía, he assured the following: "Our stores are mostly closed, if they could open, they have capacity to control the maximum capacity and the minimum distance for a safe purchase ".

And it is that the second additional provision of the BOE gave rise to the interpretation: "Establishments may not announce or carry out commercial actions that may give rise to crowds of the public, both within the commercial establishment and in its vicinity."

At no time were sales openly vetoed in physical establishments. There was only talk of the "restriction on commercial actions resulting from agglomerations". From Anged they also lament that the reopening of large establishments in Spain goes so slowly compared to the rest of Europe. In France they have already started to open all their stores and in Italy it is expected that all stores will open from next May 18.

The textile sector as a whole sees as a great contradiction that the Government comes to prohibit sales in physical establishments at the same time that they are required to have a capacity limit and maintain a minimum safety distance between customers.


Inditex more than 5% have shot up this Tuesday before the queues in their stores Zara of France, after the measures of lack of confidence announced by the French Government. The company founded by Amancio Ortega It has been unmarked as the most bullish value of the Ibex, since investors hope that it will be one of the textile chains that can best overcome the crisis.

Social networks did not take long to echo the large queues that have occurred throughout the morning at the company's flagship store. The size of the rows was largely due to Zara customers waiting to enter while respecting the safety distance.



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