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Simon on the return of the children to class: "It is a puddle in which I must not enter"



The director of the Emergency Coordination Center of the Ministry of Health, Fernando Simón, has avoided answering the question about schools, and on whether he recommended going back to schools, in his appearance this Sunday before the media. Simón has limited himself to pointing out that what he recommends is to guarantee risk prevention measures and recalled that, in phase 1, schools are preparing for a possible reinstatement, with cleaning and disinfection.

"The schools they have to be adapted to the situation that is going to live in the coming weeks and months… and we hope it does not extend further. They have to readjust their infrastructures, "he explained. He then added that he preferred not to comment further on the subject. "If I got into there I would be getting into a puddle that I should not enter," he settled.

The controversy over when and how children will return to school continues. The Prime Minister has already announced that the classroom course will not resume until September. For her part, the Minister of Education, Isabel Celeá, has stated that only half of the students will be able to return to the classrooms in the fall.

To try to agree on what is going to be done, the Minister of Education will meet with the Autonomous Communities on May 14. It is also necessary to reach a certain consensus on what will happen at the end of this course. Madrid has already said that supports that all students return to classes 15 days before the end of the course. The Government, however, has announced that only children under the age of six will return in the event that both parents have to work in person outside the home and, voluntarily, students in terminal courses (4th of ESO, 2nd of Baccalaureate, 2nd FP of Middle and Higher degree and last year of Teaching under a special regime).

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