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Married demands to know the identity of the experts who decide the de-escalation, as "the law indicates"



The PP leader, Pablo Casado, has demanded that the names of the experts who decide the passage of each province or area in the de-escalation phases and has stressed that this is established by the General Public Health Law of 2011. In his opinion, it is a right of the Spanish.

This was the statement he made this week during a visit to some laboratories in the biotechnology sector in Madrid dedicated to the manufacture and development of human veterinary diagnostic and food safety test kits, in which he was accompanied by the former Minister of Health and Vice President of the Congress, Ana Pastor.

In his intervention in the laboratory, dressed in a mask, gloves and a gown, Casado has indicated that it is "important" that in the de-escalation plan know "who are the experts who are going to decide which community, province or health area can go through the phase".

"As the law of 2011 indicates, the names of the experts it has to be public and I think that the Spanish have the right to know which expert committee is going to decide on their lives ", has emphasized the president of the 'popular'.



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